We are sharing our knowledge – You just need to hear what we are willing to say. You need to think, but just a little bit.


Striving for sustainable well-being we choose green– the color of life, spring and growth, the prospect of ecology and environmental protection.


Bicycle is probably one of the most successful innovations in human history. It stands for the research, technological and experimental development with research results widely spread and commercialized.


Anew means in a new or different, more positive way, more effective and more successful. For this change you need motivation; sometimes investment; knowledge of course; and potentially consultants.



The company was established in 1994. We have tried to reinvent the bicycle many times in our business activities, and have to admit that found out even more ways of how the bicycle could not be invented.


The company’s name “Bankinės konsultacijos” means “banking consultancy”. In the early years we started with preparation of business development plans for fund rising from financial institutions (banking consultations). Afterwards the new consulting services were developed and introduced to the market (read more), the shareholders and personnel of the company changed, several economic crises were passed, and we were still here – together and for our clients (our clients are here).


We are always trying to hear what you are saying and pay attention to what we have heard; if we make mistakes, we correct them immediately and never repeat the same.


 Your business information and information about you will be secure and used properly.